Wednesday, January 14, 2009


answer for 3.b.i
  • know how to generate a blog
  • can become more creative when posting a blog
  • can have more information from the bloggers around the world
  • i think, it is the most interesting way to share an information, feeling and many more to the other people around the world

answer for 3.b.ii

  • for me, the group type of blog is more interesting then the individual type of blog because we can share everything with the other bloggers from around the world.


  1. hahaha...aku dpat komen dulu gak kat blog ko nie...ha lpas nie jgn luper komen bolg aku plak..naper bolg ko hitam jer..hehehe...kat atas tue aper yang ko post..LAB1 ker LABI..hahahaha

  2. corection kat aku nyer comment tue...bukan "bolg" tapi "BLOG" hehehe

  3. wei...aku dah post mcam2 kat blog aku tue...komen la wei....
    ko bler plak nak post citer2 ko...